2mushrOOms was born in the year 2004 from a Group of 6 People, the first Event we made was 2005 in the Location Area 51, one of the best Location in Vienna, after the first 3 parties was done we also made parties in many diffrent and also new Locations. Meanwhile we are not the same people which builded up 2mushrOOms but, from time to time people coming and people goin... ;)

We also did our Decoration mostly by ourselfs, buildin up a punch of carzy UV - MushrOOMs, String- and Strech-Art, paintin Backdrops and many other crazy Stuff too.

And yes at least, in our Group we have also some good Deejays and Deejanes, you´re welcome to hear us on our parties and even you can also book us for your Parties.